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Bladetech blade tech Holster Total Eclipse Glock 43

SKU # x0107
Price $54.50

Total Eclipse Holster - Glock 43


  • The Blade-Tech Total Eclipse is built off the popular Eclipse design with two major differences. 
  • The contouring curve in the holster is now in the attachment itself.  
  • Attachments are available in straight drop and FBI cant.  In addition, they have included the popular Eclipse IWB conversion kit, which features our new Klipt attachment. 
  • The easy-on, easy-off Klipt attachment allows the user to quickly put their holster on without removing their belt. 
  • With a six-in-one carry system that accommodates for both inside/outside carry for both right and left hand users, it is truly one of the most versatile holsters available on the market.  
  • Package includes FBI cant attachment which allows you to change between straight drop and FBI cant.