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Breakfree CLP Precision Shooter 7.5 ml

SKU # 04-1001
Price $7.53

BREAK-FREE CLP Lubricant Pack Break-Free CLPPS10 Precision Shooter CLP Lubricant Lubricant/Protectant 7.5 ml For faster, more efficient firearms maintenance you need BreakFree Precision Shooter CLP Lubricant. The handy hypodermic-style applicator contains 7.5ml of CLP that can more accurately be applied to slide rails, locking lugs and trigger mechanisms, as well as other hard to reach places without waste. Perfect for use in the field or at home. Meets MIL-SPEC-PRF 63460. 5.5"L, .5"D. SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg Item Num: CLPPS10 Category: CLEANING SUPPLIES Type :Lubricant/Protectant Size :7.5 ml