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Firefield Red/Green Reflex Sight

SKU # ff13004
Price $39.95
  • In the field or in competition, when every second lost can lead to failure, quick target acquisition is vital.
  • Hit your target quickly and precisely with the Firefield® Multi Reflex Sight.
  • This device is perfect for rapid fire or moving target shooting, and its red and green reticle options perform well in any lighting conditions.
  • With a choice of four different red or green reticle patterns and adjustable reticle brightness, it can be tailored to fit every marksman’s needs.
  • Field-of-view is unrestricted, and with unlimited eye relief, both eyes can remain open, eliminating the sense of tunnel-vision that most standard riflescopes may have.
  • Compatible with any weaver mount, the Multi Reflex Sight can be easily affixed to any firearm with a weaver or picatinny rail, giving the sight a large amount of versatility.
  • Engineered with sturdy, aircraft-grade aluminum, this reflex sight’s sleek, compact and durable frame won’t weigh your firearm down.
  • included accesories
  1. 2 adjustment tools
  2. 1 rubber lens cover
  3. 1 battery