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Vism NcStar KeyMod 1 Slot Covers

SKU # vakm1c
Price $6.99

KeyMod Single Slot Covers installs into individual KeyMod slots for making KeyMod handguards more comfortable and to insulate the shooter's hands from the heat of the barrel.

• Made from rubber material that is textured to provide a comfortable and sure grip surface.

• Very easy to install. Lift rear hinged half and slide the front shoe into the KeyMod slot, press down on the rear hinged section to lock the KeyMod cover in place.

• Heat resisitant material will insulate the KeyMod handguard from rapid sustained semi-auto fire.

• Available in 4 colors: Black, Tan, Green, Urban Gray.

• Hinge pin can be removed from the individual KeyMod Slot cover and can be reassembled & mixed up with the other slot cover colors, for a custom camo look.

• Length: 0.8"

• Height: Adds 0.15" above the KeyMod handguard surface.

• The KeyMod Slot Covers come in a pack of 18 each.