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Walkers Game Ear Razor XV w/Bluetooth Electronic 31 db Flat Dark Earth FDE

Price $137.00

The Razor-XV ear buds from Walkers Game Ear are electronic noise canceling ear buds. These ear protectants allow you to better hear soft noises, while canceling out loud noises. It features a 31dB noise reduction rating and also a 250mAH battery for 10 hours of use. The Razor-XV also comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect with your phone or other blue tooth capable devices.


Bluetooth Technology

Retractable Digital Ear buds

Sound Activated Compression (SAC)

Powered by Rechargeable LIPO battery 250mAH battery for 10 hours of use.

Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement.

HD speakers in the ear buds for wide range audio quality.

Includes 3 pairs of 12mm foam tips (S/M/L)

Auto-Shut Off (low power mode) after 4 to 6 hours. Timer resets and unit wakes after any button is pressed.

Integrated Micro USB port

Storage case Included

NRR 31