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GG&G Claymore Desk Accessory Red with Gold and Silver Large Officer EGA

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Claymore Mine Desk Accessory For Devil Dogs Large Gold and Silver Officer EGA

With think our Red Claymore Mine Desk Accessory With Gold Letters and the Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem will be a proud addition to the desk, shelf or mantle of current and former Marines. 

We offer our Devil Dog Claymore Mine Desk Accessory with three different emblems for you to choose from:  Black, Gold and Gold & Silver. 

It is important to note that the emblems have been purchased from companies licensed to manufacture and or sell the Marine Corps Eagle Globe And Anchor.

The Claymore Mine Desk Accessory For Devil Dogs is molded from the real deal, but instead of spikes to hold it erect, it has a small steel easel support in the back, so that it will remain upright on your desk, bookcase or den fireplace mantle. 


It measures approximately 5-1/4 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 1-1/4 inches thick and is manufactured from solid polypropylene. 


It is painted red with a matte clear coat applied. The raised highly detailed emblems are epoxied into place.


We also have desk accessories with Large Gold EGA and the Officer silver and gold EGA.