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Bianchi waistband holster #6 size 7

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Model 6 Waistband Holster

This inside waistband holster is made of a soft suede with and open top for quick access to the weapon. The ultra lightweight design lets you tuck a gun inside the waistband without having to worry about it falling down the pant leg. The heavy duty spring-steel clip holds the holster firmly to the belt or waistband for a secure draw. Features Available in Rust suede finish Heavy-duty spring-steel clip fits up to 1.75" (45 mm) belts Hi-ride; strongside or cross draw Soft suede construction Ultra-thin profile provides optimum concealment Worn inside the waistband Finish Suede Carry Strongside


Size 07 fits:
.32/.380 Automatic,
Astra Constable,
Beretta 70S,
Colt Government .380,
Deawoo DP52, DH380
Llama IIIA
Ruger LCP .380
Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S